Customer's Review!

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Customer's Review!

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a few gifts from Naundra Taylor at Organik Beauty, and let me say... the whipped shea butter collection is absolute life! I finally had the chance to try them and they did not disappoint. From the scent to the texture, I've thoroughly enjoyed using their products. People even inquired about what I received in the package from being able to smell the Pink Lemonade soap inside. The soap leaves a silky, smooth lather and doesn't have a rough, grainy texture like many natural soaps can.

The whipped shea butter scents were Brown Sugar Fig, Mango, and Peach Hibiscus. The fragrances of the butters aren't overbearing with the synthetic, body mist type of scent. The ingredients don't consist of just a bunch of scientific terminology that you need to google, but lists the shea butter and all essential and carrier oils contained. These soft and extremely light butters don't require much application. Just a small swipe on the fingertip will leave you scented for an entire day.  

I've always had sensitive skin, but the experience with these products allows me to feel comfortable knowing there won't be any breakouts or allergic reactions. For others out there with sensitive skin, I would recommend these butters and soaps to keep your body looking, smelling, and feeling good.

Organik Beauty sells products that do not irritate the skin, has easy-to-read labels, and only contains natural ingredients. Be sure to check out their inventory online and in local stores across the Charlotte area. Not only will you find quality products, but they're notorious for some of the best sales! Support Organik Beauty today and treat your body to something special!

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