Natural Perfume Oil 10 ml

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Made with 100% pure essential oils and natural fragrance oils, natural perfume oils are great for people with sensitive skin who may be allergic to perfume and for people who simply enjoy natural and organic products. Natural perform oils are hypoallergenic and do not contain chemicals, pesticides, toxins or alcohol. The oils create a long-lasting fragrance which brings emotional and physical healing properties such as calming, energy-enhancing, relaxing or mood-lifting.  Carry this perfume oil where ever you go as this small bottle fits easily inside your purse!

Angelic Fragrance (Mango):  Enjoy a fresh, exuberant fragrance with smooth tropical fruit notes and scents of juicy mango and peachy sweet with citrus top notes.

Beauty Fragrance:  This fragrance is floral, fruity and very sensual, with notes of clementine blossom, black currant and nectarine and base notes of soft musk, amber and precious woods. This scent is mood-lifting and smells absolutely beautiful!

Coconut Lime Verbana Fragrance:  A citrus bouquet of fresh lime, kumquat, grapefruit, lemon, with a soft floral undertone of jasmine, on a background of musk and sandalwood.  This scent is unisex, both men and women will enjoy this fresh, clean scent! 

Divine Fragrance (Cucumber Melon):  A scrumptious and tempting sensation to smell and call your own. Top notes include, apple, cucumber and grapefruit with scents of magnolia, rose, violet, and sandalwood.

Fresh Fragrance (Satsuma):  The Japanese Satsuma is a unique, aromatic citrus fruit. This fragrance is a wonderful blend of orange, mandarin, mango, peach, lime, jasmine, and orange flowers.  Energizing and intoxicating!

Joyful Fragrance (Peach Hibiscus):  A sweet golden peach and a blooming flower! A juicy peach top note with a sweet floral hibiscus scent that peaks out now and then throughout the use. This scent has the best of both worlds, a floral that's divine and a juicy fruity note that lingers.

Lovely Fragrance (Amber, Lilac & Lavender): An elegant, light, clean scent of fresh amber with an addictive aroma. With notes of amber, vanilla and floral, this soft and sweet fragrance will make you fall in love with its smell.  

Serenity Fragrance (Satsuma & Cayenne):  The captivating scents of Satsuma & Cayenne will turn up the temperature! Top notes of Satsuma, Peru Balsam and Frankincense create a citrusy, hot and spicy fragrance, paired with precious jasmine, absolute rose, and a powdery woody base, you will be taken to your exotic hideaway!

Sweet Roses Fragrance:  This fragrance is a bright, fresh take on a traditional rose scent. Add the citrus scents of bergamot, sweet orange and grapefruit and your senses will explode with joy!  Dried rose petals are submerged in this luxurious fragrance together with jasmine, sandalwood and musk.