Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace with Tree Locket

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The Essential Oil, Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace with the Tree Magnetic Locket and reusable cotton pad is a great gift idea for the essential oil enthusiast! This necklace is the perfect solution for receiving the benefits of aromatherapy and diffusing essential oils on the go, without carrying a bulky diffuser. It uses a reusable, 100% cotton pad, available in 6 different colors, for diffusing your essential oils. Only a drop or two is all you will need. Once the aroma begins to fade, then reapply as necessary. The pendant, hanging from a 27.5" stainless steel chain, is approximately 1.5" in diameter and has a beautiful, tree design and has a magnetic closure. 

The necklace comes with your choice of cotton pad color and your choice of 1 ml vial of essential oil. 

Directions:  After continued use, you can wash the cotton pad in warm, gentle soapy water and dry thoroughly.